I am the spiller and artist kind of writer.

“Spiller. A Spiller is a confessional writer. These inward-facing writers excel at storytelling. Their writing often is very cathartic and healing — for the writer and the reader. They tend to niche easily, writing deeply on the same handful of topics…

1. "Olho por olho e o mundo ficará cego" — Detroit Become Human

2. "When you give someone your trust, you give them the power to destroy you"

3. "Knowledge is power"

4. "It’s when everything is dark, that you can stop and see the stars"

5. "You don’t need…

  1. Copycat, Melanie Martinez
  2. Love Me Now, NCT 127
  3. ON, BTS
  4. everytime, Ariana Grande
  5. Grind Me Down(Jawster Remix), Lilianna Wilde
  6. Crossfire, Stephen
  7. My Oh My, Camila Cabello
  8. Perfect, Atlys
  9. More Than That, Lauren Jauregui
  10. Paradise, The Neighbourhood
  12. Where Did The Party Go, Fall Out Boy
  13. City Lights, TVXQ! ft…
A woman looking through a window.

I think everyone can agree that 2020 has been a very chaotic year in each meaning of the word, right? But even if it was a bad year, bad experiences can teach us valuable lessons that we can apply in our life. …

I've always wanted to have something that is mine. Everyone has this thing, regardless of whether you found it or not. A passion, a hobby, something it's worth living for. I think writing has always been this thing to me.

Photo of a person typing in a computer with a notebook on the side.

Since I was a kid, I read a lot which…

I have been thinking a lot lately, and the truth is that I don't have anything to write for. But here I am, managing to slip those words into this draft, translating a little here and there since english is not my first language. …


Hello, I am a lover of books, knowledge and wisdom(and a polyglot too!) who just happens to be kind of bored. Nice to meet you and welcome to my profile!

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