Why do I want to be a writer?

I've always wanted to have something that is mine. Everyone has this thing, regardless of whether you found it or not. A passion, a hobby, something it's worth living for. I think writing has always been this thing to me.

Photo of a person typing in a computer with a notebook on the side.

Since I was a kid, I read a lot which contributed my creativity and writing skills. I was good at writing in middle school and until today, redaction is one of my bests subjects. At 14, I started putting(and creating) feelings into paper and it's amazing. I enjoy so much seeing a poem, text or story finished as much as I enjoy reading it. I find very satisfactory not only the result but the act itself. Brings me peace, comfort and it's my distraction along with reading.

With writing and reading, I can access infinities of worlds and ideas. I can be heard and hear others. I can leave something to the world. I can have a debate with someone who lived 500 years ago. It keeps us alive through the centuries. It's time travel and the immortalization of our times. It's all the knowledge of an entire race and the identity of us. Everything we know is written, whether in a book, in a letter or in ourselves. The beauty of writing is incommensurate.

We can revolutionize history with an article or a book written. We can make people laugh, cry, fear, sympathize. We can make people feel. We can change people's life and the way they see the world. It's a huge responsibility with our readers because they can see things through our point of view, they can see the things we see. Writing is the ability of create. And there is nothing more beautiful than the act of create. That's how everything started and how everything is going to end.

Extra: What is my goal as a writer?

My goal as a writer is to make people feel understood. I want to make people entertained and I want to create. I want to be recognized for my work but until that, I have a long path to take. I want to be heard and to be on an adventure. I want to make people dream and love. I want to immortalize worlds and spread ideas. I want to make chaos, good chaos. The kind of chaos that keeps you thinking during days, the ones that change you. I want to make a difference in the world around me, even if it's a tiny one.

OBS: I am the spiller and artist kind of writer.

"Spiller. A Spiller is a confessional writer. These inward-facing writers excel at storytelling. Their writing often is very cathartic and healing — for the writer and the reader. They tend to niche easily, writing deeply on the same handful of topics. Spillers sometimes struggle with remembering to invite their readers into their story. They are exceptionally good at being authentic and vulnerable. They write for themselves.

Artist. Artists are writers who have a top-level goal of creating beautiful work. They tend to have a single idea at a time and work on it with single-mindedness until it’s complete. They tend to be good with having a smaller number of readers, as long as those readers appreciate their art. Artists struggle with writer’s block more often than other writers, but they are dedicated to learning their craft. They write for their muse."

If you want to know more about your kind of artist, access this article written by Shaunta Grimes.

Hello, I am a lover of books, knowledge and wisdom(and a polyglot too!) who just happens to be kind of bored. Nice to meet you and welcome to my profile!